August Cooking Tip – Still Hungry After Dinner?

apples in tree

The other night I made a meal totally of vegetables.  Even though it was tasty, we were both hungry shortly after.  I decided to test something I knew about but never actually tried…

I cut up a Pink Lady apple.  We both ate half and soon after the feelings of hunger were gone. 

Amongst the many benefits of apples, they are low in calories, a great source for pectin, fiber and nutrients.  The fiber slows down the digestive process leaving you feeling full longer where the pectin is great for digestion and an excellent intestinal regulator, in other words it promotes healthy intestinal flora and supports normal colon function.

Apples also contain two acids – malic and tartaric – which inhibits fermentation in the stomach thus making it one of the easiest fruits to assimilate.  They help to ease thirst as they are moistening.  Especially green varieties are beneficial in that they cleanse the liver and gallbladder.  Last, apples are high in flavonoids which help in the reduction of heart disease.

So, next time you are still hungry after dinner or are used to snacking later in the evening, why not try one of natures’ amazing  creations?   THE APPLE

One thought on “August Cooking Tip – Still Hungry After Dinner?

  1. I have never seen a more appetizing picture of two apples … Your article touches home for me as many of the health benefits you point out are exactly things I need to work on. An apple a day…



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