September Cooking Tip – Crème Fraiche

Crème Fraiche is originally a French product and is a fantastic ingredient that can be used for many things.  It is similar to sour cream but has a softer, less sour taste.  I like to add just a dollop to soup, mix it with Greek style yogurt for sauces, or add a little to sautéed vegetables just before serving.  It is usually found in the cheese section of the market, at least at Whole Foods.   

I just learned from a dear friend of mine, Mark Beran of Medovina, how to make it at home.  This is so easy and much more cost effective that purchasing it pre-made.

Mix equal parts of buttermilk and whipping cream, I prefer organic.  Set the mixture on the counter overnight, letting it sit for a minimum of 8 hours.  Stir briefly and refrigerate.  It will keep fresh in the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks or more. 

 Note:  If you prefer it a bit more sour, add a bit more buttermilk.

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