Digestion – The Highway to Health

Health & Nutrition Experts Podcast Series

Digestion is the process of breaking down the foods we eat into absorbable components.  In other words, when we digest our food, we are taking it apart so that our bodies can use all the nutrients that are found within it.  Although this is a normal process, there are a lot of different circumstances that can affect our bodies’ ability to do this fully.  For some people this will show up as indigestion, bloating, constipation and more.  Even the person that proudly says, “I have an iron stomach!  I can eat anything!” actually might have a great deal of digestive issues. 

 So whether or not you think you might have digestive challenges, it is well worth your time to LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST by Dan Butterfield!

Dan mentions these websites for finding local and healthy sources for food:

Eat Wild – Lists in your area pasture fed animal products as well as fruits and vegetable

Vital Choice – Frozen salmon and other natural wild fish as well as canned salmon and low mercury tuna

US Wellness Meats – Grassfed beef and other animal products

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