Essentrics with Julie in Napa


This dynamic workout will activate all your muscles, free your joints, and increase mobility. Dynamic and easy to follow, our full-body technique works through your muscle chains, liberating and empowering your muscles, relieving them from tension in the process – making you feel more energetic.

  • Increases full body flexibility
  • Helps relieve pain
  • Unlocks tight muscles and joints
  • Strengthens the spine and core
  • Improves agility and speed for sports
  • Supports injury prevention

Video: ESSENTRICS co-owner and CEO Sahra Esmonde-White

Discover the benefits of this fantastic workout designed for all levels of fitness!

Here is what Julie’s students are saying

nouria“I learned about Essentrics through a demonstration class at a local gym. I enjoyed the demonstration so much that I joined Julie’s regular class. The class is a combination of stretching and strengthening. We do gentle movements, contracting and elongating to improve both strength and flexibility. Julie demonstrates the exercises carefully and explains how each exercise benefits the body. We work hard, but after the class I feel relaxed and refreshed. The class has made me stronger and more supple. As a bonus, much of the pain in my right knee, which was replaced several years ago, is gone. Essentrics is an excellent class and Julie Webster is an excellent teacher.” — Nouria Harris

jim“Since starting with Essentrics a little over a month ago, I have noted vast improvements in mobility and flexibility. Essentrics has also helped me push past physical plateaus in CrossFit and bicycle riding.” — Jim Kerrigan

karen“Eccentrics has opened up a whole new toning world for me. It covers every part of the body in a firm but approachable way. I love the fluid movements which seamlessly tighten spots I’ve had trouble with before. And it’s easy to do on the go since no equipment is required! I’m committed to Eccentrics as a regular part of my fitness regimen.” — Karen Schuppert

ian“After just a few Essentrics classes I noticed improved balance, flexibility and posture. It’s a great way to improve in all athletic areas whether you’re an endurance athlete or swinging a golf club.” — Ian Dooley

flor“Julie introduced me to Essentrics and I was hooked right away. It helps with my alignment and being in balance throughout the day. Posture and flexibility are often overlooked in other forms of exercise, but Essentrics hones in on both. It is a challenging workout that makes you feel in harmony with your body.” — Florencia Massacessi

julie-webster-essentricsESSENTRICS WITH JULIE CLASSES:

Monday 7:15 AM & 8:30 AM

Wednesday 7:15 AM & 8:30 AM

Friday 8:30 AM

$14 drop-in, 5 class punch card for $12 each, 10 class punch card for $11 each or unlimited for $75 per month (3 month minimum commitment).

ASK of Napa – 1755 Industrial Way #22 Napa


First Class always FREE for locals!

Don’t have a mat? I have extras!

Contact Julie Webster, Certified Instructor Level 2 at 303-786-8715 or email her.

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