Stretch_Cover_web_150Posture. Just mention the word and we tend to sit up straighter. We think of our mothers harping on us as children, ‘sit up, don’t slouch!’ Yet do we really understand the consequences of both good posture and poor posture? Do we realize the affect is has on the health of our joints, muscles, energy and more? This book will educate you about posture, provide you with ideas that will support you in your daily life, and give you detailed stretches to regain and maintain a healthy posture.

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“Julie, I am so grateful for the day that I accidentally found your book and videos through a physical therapist’s website who recommended your stretch for the iliopsoas muscle. I couldn’t believe that all my questions were answered in one eBook. I told a physical therapist friend and a trainer at the Y about what you had said in your book and emails and they were very impressed. The therapist said “I like her!!”.  But it is not just your amazing book, it is your passion and compassion to help people retain or regain the posture they have lost through injury, sickness, surgery or aging without proper exercise and information.  I imagine a day when people such as yourself are the first line of care in medical institutions and throughout the treatment process.  I am telling my family and friends that there is hope if you get the right information and then follow it.  I can only say most sincerely thank you and bless you and your work.”  Corine K.

I have just bought a pdf version of Regaining Good Posture and have reviewed your video clips demonstrating the stretches. I couldn’t be more pleased with your demonstrations and explanations, notably about shortened iliopsoas and related muscles. I already feel the improvement in my stretches and look forward to feeling the benefits longer term, thanks to you and all you have done.

Thank you very much!!!

Eager to have improved posture,

Annette. 🙂  

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the great work you have done and for giving me HOPE again! I would be HAPPY to recommend your ebook to anyone, and would be quite open to having you follow my progress on my road to recovery, via email or phone, whatever is convenient, if you would like.

Barbara D


I bought your book online in late December and have really benefited by doing the Psoas stretch on the end of the table. 


Jim B