Vitamin D – Myth or Miracle?

Vitamin D has been getting a lot of publicity for several months now because of the significant amount of health benefits being associated with adequate levels.  What do you know about Vitamin D?  Are you getting adequate amounts? 

Listen to this podcast by Dan Butterfield.  He will cover what Vitamin D really is, the latest research on health findings, how to determine sufficient levels and much more!

In his podcast he mentions the following for your records:

The Vitamin D Council

Life Extension Foundation for testing.  Either call 800) 208-3444 or visit their website!

Read more about Dan Butterfield on Our Associates page or visit him at Butterfield Wellness.

Stress and ‘The Love Response’

Health & Nutrition Experts Podcast Series

Stress is not going to ever go away.  In fact, under certain circumstances, it can be beneficial.   Currently however, may of us are living with extreme cases of stress that is lasting a long time.  The combination can be harmful on our entire system.  One of the challenges is to find how to manage that stress in ways are supportive and positive.  Dr. Eva Selhub is an expert on this.  She has been working with patients for a long time and has come up with ideas that can assist us in managing our own stress.  In fact, she has written a book titled, ‘The Love Response’ for just this purpose. 

Listen to this podcast and hear her interview about how stress affects our bodies and her suggestions for supporting health while dealing with stress.

To learn more about Dr. Eva’s background, read this!

 Here is more information on stress for you to read about.

Digestion – The Highway to Health

Health & Nutrition Experts Podcast Series

Digestion is the process of breaking down the foods we eat into absorbable components.  In other words, when we digest our food, we are taking it apart so that our bodies can use all the nutrients that are found within it.  Although this is a normal process, there are a lot of different circumstances that can affect our bodies’ ability to do this fully.  For some people this will show up as indigestion, bloating, constipation and more.  Even the person that proudly says, “I have an iron stomach!  I can eat anything!” actually might have a great deal of digestive issues. 

 So whether or not you think you might have digestive challenges, it is well worth your time to LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST by Dan Butterfield!

Dan mentions these websites for finding local and healthy sources for food:

Eat Wild – Lists in your area pasture fed animal products as well as fruits and vegetable

Vital Choice – Frozen salmon and other natural wild fish as well as canned salmon and low mercury tuna

US Wellness Meats – Grassfed beef and other animal products

Strong Kids Healthy Kids

Health & Nutrition Experts Podcast Series

How healthy are your children?  Are you finding that they are starting to gain more weight than they should?  What activities are your children involved in?  Do you find they are pretty active and yet are still starting to get heavy?

Children are our future and how healthy they are today will have a direct impact of how healthy they become as adults.  There is an alarming rise in obesity amongst children.  In fact, childhood diabetes in not only on the rise but it is growing daily.  This will lead to additional health issues such as cardiovascular disease, immune issues and much more.

Now is the time to start having a positive impact on your child’s health!  You can start by learning about the benefits of building muscle through weight training for your children.  Fred Hahn, the author of Strong Kids Healthy Kids, will speak to you about the studies done and how to incorporate weight training into your children’s lives.  Not only will your kids love it but so will their bodies.

Smiling Kids

LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST titled “Adolescent Obesity & Fitness” to learn how to start having a positive impact on your kids health.

For more on kids, GO HERE.

Whole Grains, Are They Really a Health Food?

Health & Nutrition Experts Podcast


Carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, cereals, and all sorts of grains have been a part of our diet for a long time.  In fact, for many people, these foods have not only become a staple but a major portion of a daily diet.  Is this a good thing?

I am excited to bring to you a new source of information – the podcast.  On a regular basis I will have professionals bring you information that you can download and listen to whenever and wherever you have time.  It’s free and a great way to take in information.

This series is starting with Dan Butterfield.  Dan has been involved in health and nutrition for many years and has studied extensively.  As new research has come about, Dan has altered his own diet to support a healthier and healthier way of living.  In this first podcast Dan will be speaking to you about grains and their role in the diet.   To many of you, this information may be new and seem like a big deviation from your current diet.  I strongly suggest you listen to the podcast several times and really try to apply the knowledge Dan is providing you with. 

I know for myself, gradually I have changed the way I eat especially the quantity in which I consume carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, and many grains.  Over the last several years, I have lost about 8 pounds, have less bloating and digestive problems and find my energy levels are more equal throughout the day.  You may too. 

Go here to listen to Dan’s podcast.  It may make you feel better as well!

To your health,  Julie