March Cooking Tip – Quinoa

Cooking Tip of the Month


Quinoa (pronounced keen whah) is a member of the goosefoot family of plants.  Although it is not a true cereal grain it is often treated as one.  Being a cousin of amaranth, it has many of the same characteristics.  Quinoa originates in the high valleys of the Andes and is considered ‘the mother grain’ by the Incas. 


“Compared with all grains it has the highest protein content.  Quinoa has more calcium than milk and is higher in fat content than any grain.  A very good source of iron, phosphorous, B vitamins and Vitamin E.  An appropriate grain for recent vegetarians who crave nutrient-concentrated foods.”  Excerpt from Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford


Quinoa is easy to prepare and cooks quickly.  Unlike other grains it is a complete protein.  Its’ protein profile is similar to that of milk.  Amongst the many advantages, quinoa is easy to digest, making it a great food for endurance.


Fortunately quinoa is readily available in most cities.  If you have a difficult time finding it, you can order it online.


For additional information read “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia” by Rebecca Wood.


Check out this months’ recipe that uses quinoa as the main ingredient.


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