9 thoughts on “The BEST Fluffy Scrambled Eggs!

  1. oh how I wish I had more than one egg in the fridge this morning!!! That video is making my tummy rumble and I am SOOOOOOOO going to your house next weekend so you can make that yummy breakfast for me! 🙂 just kidding!!!

    well, not really,

    no just kidding

  2. Gaye Franklin

    Julie and Sam,
    Thanks for the tips on fluffy eggs. I love them exactly the way you prepared them. I agree that most people overcook them and I am obnoxious about having them “rare”. It was especially nice to “meet” Sam. What a handsome gentleman.
    I had a question for you: What do you think about the nutritional advantage/disadvantage of extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil vs the other canola and extra virgin olive oil. I know that the coconut oil has more saturated fats than the others, but is that all bad? Your opinion, oh Goddess of Food! Gaye Franklin

    1. juliewebster

      Hi Gaye-
      Thanks for the feedback!
      I did post some information on this subject before. If you care to read the details, go to the comments under the article on Palm Oil.
      Happy cooking! Julie

  3. K3V1N

    hey, thnx for the post, I wa trying to do the perfect scrambled eggs, and I think this is the best example I could fine on YouTube. My question is, do we need milk/cream? And is it on lo hear for the whole time?

    Thnx, 🙂

    1. juliewebster

      Hi- Glad you found this helpful! It is fine to use either milk or cream. I usually use 1/2 & 1/2. The heat is pretty high the whole time. It doesn’t take long at all so keep a close watch! Good luck. Julie

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