I need your insight!

I was recently at a reunion of my family.  We all got together in Texas where one of my sisters lives.  There were four of us – my mother and two sisters.  This is the first time we have all been together in years.  Every time I do get together with them I am reminded what a different path my life took from that of my sisters.  I first joined a gym in my teens and started becoming aware of health at that point.  My life took me through gradual changes in the choices I made to be as healthy as possible.  I changed my eating habits little by little; gradually eating healthier with each year.  As I learned new discoveries about what to eat and why, I applied them to my life.  Now, years later, I find myself feeling really great with little to no aches and pains.

When I got together with my family, I was especially surprised to see how much my oldest sister had aged.  She complains of rheumatoid arthritis, numbing in the hands, pain in the back, pain in the leg, pain in the foot, swelling in the foot.  I could go on and on as she did for the entire trip.  I not only found it sad that she focused on her poor health so much but was incredibly frustrated that she does not work to eat better.  She knows what I do for a living and what I practice in my daily life.  In fact, she even commented on how healthy I seemed to be and yet whenever I tried to bring up the idea of her starting to make better food choices, she not only ignored it but talked about the burrito that she likes from Taco Bell, about eating pizza, or how she just doesn’t have the time to eat well. 

Now I do realize that there are limitations on what is available depending on where you live yet this particular sister lives in Southern California where the choices are as great as here in Boulder, Colorado.  Given this, I find it baffling why she doesn’t choose to learn more about health – she could read my blog or ask me.  I do know that there are statistics that indicate that what you eat as a young person will most likely affect your food choices as you become an adult.  To some extent I can buy into this.  On the other hand, the two of us grew up in the same household so this tells me that we can also adapt to better choices and habits if we so choose. 

This brings me to the reason for this blog entry.  My ultimate goal is to educate people about health and healthy choices in life.  I really want to find ways to affect people to the extent that they want to become healthy.  I am trying to figure out just what makes this happen.  I did speak with a woman, a friend of my ‘Texas’ sister, about her health.  Apparently she had been very overweight and sick, with lots of pain, for a long time.  At some point she had had enough and started down that path to health.  Today she is a healthy weight, is very aware of what she puts in her body, and seems pretty much pain free.

As far as I can tell my oldest sister must be in as much discomfort and yet still chooses to remain unhealthy.  I am therefore asking each and every one of you that has made the decision to become healthy just what was the deciding factor?  What is it that motivated you to change?  What could I do or say to someone that would really have enough impact to make them want to take a different path?  I would appreciate any and every insight you can offer me.

Thanks and I look forward to your comments!


5 thoughts on “I need your insight!

  1. Hi! I saw your post on Facebook, and wanted to direct you toward the book Healthy Eating for Life for Women. It’s a great resource for nutrition linked to physical ailments. Another thing that you need to do is to get her exercising (but you probably already knew that). I would recommend barre-type workouts. They’re non-impact and will help her build strength (especially since she’s arthritic). Check out my site http://www.breagettingfit.com, if you like! I have recipes, workout reviews and books posted that just might help. Best of luck to you and your sister!!

    1. juliewebster

      Hi Brea- I appreciate your comment. Actually I am aware a great deal of things my sister could do. My challenge / question is really about what motivates people to change. I find many people are in poor states of health and yet aren’t willing to do anything to get better. It is figuring out the key to change that will enable people to become healthy. Best to you.

  2. Alfando

    Hi Julie, i read your posting in facebook group and I have pretty much the same way of life. Actually what motivated me is how I really concern about health since my teen of age, back when I really wish to be a doctor or health practitioners as seeing how people suffering from certain disease. Those diseases mainly come from bad way of life that is bad choice of food intake. So in my mind, people usually like to compare each other, when they see many other have pretty much the same problem in health, they would assume that it is ok to have what the others have because it is commonly applied. The effective way of making good impact is to show them how they’re wrong that having deep concern of healthy lifestyle would lead them to better life and it means less pain, stay young and happy. Show them the proof and they would eventually follow us. Be patient Brea and keep your spirit up.

  3. Lisa Menard

    I realized that all my attempts to get healthy so far had been futile, because I’d been trying to force my body into change from the outside in. I’ve since changed my focus. Now, I’m all about doing things that will affect change and promote cleansing, health, and vitality in my body from the inside out. The outside will have no choice but to manifest this change when the inside gets transformed.

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