Whole Grains, Are They Really a Health Food?

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Carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, cereals, and all sorts of grains have been a part of our diet for a long time.  In fact, for many people, these foods have not only become a staple but a major portion of a daily diet.  Is this a good thing?

I am excited to bring to you a new source of information – the podcast.  On a regular basis I will have professionals bring you information that you can download and listen to whenever and wherever you have time.  It’s free and a great way to take in information.

This series is starting with Dan Butterfield.  Dan has been involved in health and nutrition for many years and has studied extensively.  As new research has come about, Dan has altered his own diet to support a healthier and healthier way of living.  In this first podcast Dan will be speaking to you about grains and their role in the diet.   To many of you, this information may be new and seem like a big deviation from your current diet.  I strongly suggest you listen to the podcast several times and really try to apply the knowledge Dan is providing you with. 

I know for myself, gradually I have changed the way I eat especially the quantity in which I consume carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, and many grains.  Over the last several years, I have lost about 8 pounds, have less bloating and digestive problems and find my energy levels are more equal throughout the day.  You may too. 

Go here to listen to Dan’s podcast.  It may make you feel better as well!

To your health,  Julie

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