Strong Kids Healthy Kids

Health & Nutrition Experts Podcast Series

How healthy are your children?  Are you finding that they are starting to gain more weight than they should?  What activities are your children involved in?  Do you find they are pretty active and yet are still starting to get heavy?

Children are our future and how healthy they are today will have a direct impact of how healthy they become as adults.  There is an alarming rise in obesity amongst children.  In fact, childhood diabetes in not only on the rise but it is growing daily.  This will lead to additional health issues such as cardiovascular disease, immune issues and much more.

Now is the time to start having a positive impact on your child’s health!  You can start by learning about the benefits of building muscle through weight training for your children.  Fred Hahn, the author of Strong Kids Healthy Kids, will speak to you about the studies done and how to incorporate weight training into your children’s lives.  Not only will your kids love it but so will their bodies.

Smiling Kids

LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST titled “Adolescent Obesity & Fitness” to learn how to start having a positive impact on your kids health.

For more on kids, GO HERE.

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