October Cooking Tip – Easy ways to chop Onions, Garlic & Shallots

I realize we all have been chopping onions and garlic for years and yet I often come across people doing it in ways that seem fairly labor intense.  For this reason I decided to offer you a video demonstration that includes some tips to make these food staples even better!

In addition, you may not all know about the wonders of shallots.  At Farmer’s Market they are in abundance at the moment and at a better price than other times of the year.  Like onions they store fairly well in a cool, aerated environment.  I bought a bunch and am hanging them in net bags in my basement. 

Here is some information on Shallots  Give these gems a try!

“Although they are similar to an onion, there are some important differences in how shallots are used in French cooking.

  • Less is more. One or two shallots finely chopped are usually all that is needed to add a subtle, slightly sweet flavor to recipes.
  • Go slowly. If your recipe calls for cooking the shallots in butter or oil, you should do so on a low temperature. Just like garlic, shallots can over cook easily. You want them to come out soft and slightly caramelized, not crunchy and bitter.
  • Marry it well. Shallots are especially tasty when cooked with white wine, cream and butter.
  • Substitute. Although there’s nothing like the real thing, if your recipe calls for shallots and you have none on hand, you can try substituting an equivalent amount of red onion.”

2 thoughts on “October Cooking Tip – Easy ways to chop Onions, Garlic & Shallots

  1. Great advice! Shallots are such a great addition to any dish. I usually make sure I have some on hand. If not, yes, red onion with a wee bit of garlic is a good sub.

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