Posture Book Provides Insight and Education for Healthy Posture!

I am excited to be launching my posture eBook!  I have been involved in posture through my massage training for almost 20 years.  I wrote this book after seeing the consequences of many postural imbalances – pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, emotional responses, stress, a decrease in energy and much more! 

This book will educate you about how to support good posture, which muscles may be involved in your body and how to assess this, descriptive teachings of how to stretch each muscle as well as exercises to strengthen those that are often weak.  In addition, the book includes video presentations of how to perform each stretch and strengthening exercise.  

Here is a video presentation on stretching one of the muscles in the book:


Testimonial from D.M. Shepard, Torrence, California

“As I mentioned, I was a personal trainer years ago and I still refer to my anatomy books to diagnose surprise aches and pains.  Suddenly a couple of weeks ago I developed major discomfort in my left groin and lower back so I limped around my business office for a full week before I searched online for treatment for the iliopsoas muscle.  Your video demonstration reminded me that sitting at a desk all day will reduce flexibility, shorten muscles and over time compromise posture.  The best part of your video was the stretch you demonstrated to lengthen the iliopsoas muscle area.  My discomfort was remarkably improved after only one day of stretching and I just about have regained full range of motion.

The trend these days is for people to live longer lives.  As a professional financial advisor, I have to prepare more ‘preventive’ investment strategies for my clients to stay ahead of potential financial problems later in life.

I see the same ‘preventive’ value for regaining and maintaining healthy posture and stretching flexibility, to assure functionality and better quality of life.  Certainly posture and stretches are cheaper than pills and surgery!

Thank you, Julie!”

2 thoughts on “Posture Book Provides Insight and Education for Healthy Posture!

  1. Gaye Franklin

    Way to go, Julie. I look forward to your posting and am always impressed with the contents. Congratulations on your new eBook and send you all the best wishes for its success!
    I just got back from my trip to India. It was a wonderful journey that profoundly impacted my life.
    Continue the great work. I’m behind you 100%…YOU go girl! Love, Gaye

    1. juliewebster

      Thanks so much Gaye!!! I would love to hear about your trip. Available for coffee or tea sometime? I like that Printed Page in Gunbarrel!

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