Stress and ‘The Love Response’

Health & Nutrition Experts Podcast Series

Stress is not going to ever go away.  In fact, under certain circumstances, it can be beneficial.   Currently however, may of us are living with extreme cases of stress that is lasting a long time.  The combination can be harmful on our entire system.  One of the challenges is to find how to manage that stress in ways are supportive and positive.  Dr. Eva Selhub is an expert on this.  She has been working with patients for a long time and has come up with ideas that can assist us in managing our own stress.  In fact, she has written a book titled, ‘The Love Response’ for just this purpose. 

Listen to this podcast and hear her interview about how stress affects our bodies and her suggestions for supporting health while dealing with stress.

To learn more about Dr. Eva’s background, read this!

 Here is more information on stress for you to read about.

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