Who Says Exercise has to be Boring!

Here is a fun way to burn calories without having to go to the gym…

I have been salsa dancing for a little over three years but I just learned this! 

“Salsa dancing requires something like 6,000 steps per hour of dancing which figures to around one and a half mile brisk walk burning up to 350 calories.” 

Read the rest of the article here.

One thought on “Who Says Exercise has to be Boring!

  1. Hey, yeah, I salsa dance too and it is a great workout! Dance about 2 – 3 songs in a row and you break out in a sweat.
    Also it’s great to shape the muscles in your legs in a narrow shape. I used to snowboard a WHOLE lot and the muscle development in my legs was very bulky and horizontal. But since I have started dancing – the shape of my legs is totally different!

    Nice link Julie!


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