Breakfast can be healthy and inexpensive!

As we were sitting at the table talking about the cost of food and the time perception it takes to make a healthy meal, we decided to include this in our information.  So we added up what the cost of the entire breakfast was, excluding the coffee, and determined for the two of us the meal was about $3.50 total.  As for how long it actually took to prepare, it was under 20 minutes.  It was healthy and something we prepared together, making the entire experience that much better.

Here’s what we made and how we did it:

“Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Vegetables, Avocado, Cheese and Blackberries on the Side”

My part:

In a sauté pan, mixed 1 tablespoon olive oil with ½ tablespoon butter

Add ½ chopped onion

1/3   chopped red bell pepper

Add ¼ cup white wine and 1 teaspoon sundried tomato pesto  This stuff is so great to add to vegetables.  A jar will last in the refrigerator for months and you only need to use a little bit at a time, which makes the cost barely anything per serving.

Cover and sauté for 8 + minutes on medium heat until the bell pepper starts to soften

Add 2 leaves of chopped lacinto kale

Sauté for about 2-3 minutes more


Cut ½ avocado into long strips to top the dish

Rinse the blackberries

Sam’s part:

Grate about ½ cup Aged White Cheddar Cheese

Scrambled eggs:  place three large eggs in a medium bowl.  Add a tablespoon or so (a guess) of water (milk or half & half can be used).  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Use a fork and vigorously whip this mixture.  In a large skillet (separate from the vegetables) melt a tablespoon of butter (enough to generously cover the bottom of the pan) using high heat.  When the vegetables are almost complete, pour in the egg mixture into the large skillet and be prepared to tend it carefully.  Reduce the heat to medium.  As the egg mixture begins to cook (15 to 30 seconds), using a spatula, begin to push the cooked portion to the center of the pan.  This allows the uncooked eggs to run around the cooked portion to contact the pan.  Keep up this process until no more eggs will run around the cooked eggs in the center.  At this point there should be a little liquid egg on the top of the cooked eggs.  Flip over these eggs so that the liquid part is down.  Turn off the heat immediately and turn out on plates in seconds.  The most important part of making fluffy yummy scrambled eggs is to avoid overcooking them. 


If desire, heat plates slightly on stove so meal is hot when served.

Place the eggs on the plate

Top with sautéed vegetables

Sprinkle with grated cheese

Top with slices of avocado fanned across the top

Serve the blackberries on the side


Part of what made this meal so inexpensive is the choice of what was on sale at the market:

Blackberries .88 for 1 pint (Sunflower Market)

Avocado .99 (Whole Foods Market)

Onion – always cheap and so good anywhere

Red bell pepper .99 each (Whole Foods Market)

Lacinto Kale 1.99 per bunch (usually at Sunflower Market but this time on sale at Whole Foods)

So basically our breakfasts often change based on what is fresh and on sale.  This is just what we did this week.  Try this or any combination you like and I think you too will really enjoy it and your body will absolutely love starting the day this way!!

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